The Meaning of Psalm 23: God is with You Throughout Your Life

PSALM 23 OVERVIEW GOD AS A SHEPHERD 23:1 Leads & provides 23:2 Refreshes & strengthens 23:3 Renews & leads in right paths 23:4 Gives us courage 23:5 Keeps us safe 23:6 Victory over death

To understand the meaning of Psalm 23, let’s look at David’s short, memorable, and profound song.     The meaning of Psalm 23 pictures God as a Shepherd who: Firstly, leads humans every step on their journey, providing for their every need (Psa. 23:1) Secondly, refreshes and strengthens his sheep (Psa. 23:2) Thirdly, renews life […]

7 Facts for Understanding & Proving the Inspiration of the Bible

Definition of Inspiration of the BibleThe Holy Spirit guided human authors to record God-breathed writings

Inspiration of the Bible is a unique concept among the world’s holy or wisdom books. But what is it, and why is it so important? Before I answer those questions, let me ask you a question. “Where do you and your friends go for sound and practical advice about life?” After all, there are many […]

What is the Tribulation? 16 Facts You Must Know!

Why is the Tribulation Unique blog image The scope will be worldwide The intensity of calamities will be unique in history

I.   Overview of the Tribulation The “Tribulation” is an often talked about but seldom understood end-time event. The study of end times is called eschatology. And if you are like most people understanding the terminology and events of eschatology can be challenging. In this article, I hope to demystify one of the most important […]

Faith and Finances: 5 Steps to Get Started

Where do I start with my finances? 1) Budget, 2) Pay off Debt, 3) Establish an Emergency Savings

What does the Bible say about money and figuring out your faith and finances? Actually, a lot. Money is one of the most mentioned topics in the Bible with approximately 2,350 versus discussing money and possessions.  As Christians, we want to remain free in the blood of Christ, including in the use of our personal […]

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