Binmin Podcast Ep. 1b: “What is Bible Knowledge?” Part 2 of 2

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Would you like to make Bible reading more enjoyable, understandable, and applicable? Our two-part Bible study series on using the CIA method concludes with Interpretation and Application.
The CIA method of Bible study includes Context-Interpretation-Application. In part one, we discussed the literary and historical context. In this episode, we are learning about “Interpretation” and “Application.”
Many people are surprised to learn that there is only one interpretation of a particular verse or passage. And that is the author’s intended meaning for his original audience. Once this is known, we seek the underlying universal principle or eternal truth and apply it to our lives today.
0:00 – Binmin Intro
0:13  – Welcome and introductions
1:00 – Biblical hermeneutics/ exegesis CIA: Context-Interpretation-Application in that order
1:36 – Review of both Literary and Historical Contexts
2:11 – Interpreting Scripture: the only interpretation is the author’s intended meaning to the original audience. Not, “What does this passage mean to me?”
5:13 – Application of Scripture is finding the underlying universal or eternal message to apply to us today
8:45 – So What? Scripture gives us direction
10:11 – So What? Scripture protects us from false beliefs and sinning
10:44 – So What? Scripture stokes love for God and others
13:14 – Thank you and wrap up
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