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How do you know what is right vs. wrong or good vs. evil? What standard do you use to determine what you “ought” to do? This episode helps show us how to answer those questions.


0:00 – INTRO


2:19 – DEFINITION OF A “WORLDVIEW”: how you perceive the world around you. How you answer the 6 most essential questions in life. 

“G.O. H.O.M.E.”

G: God 

O: Origin 

H: Humanity 

O: “Ought” (Morality)

M: Meaning

E: End (Destiny)


3:23 – HOW DO WE DEFINE MORALITY? 2 ways people approach making moral decisions:

  1. Relativism: every decision is based on ever-changing standard (based on personal or cultural preferences or situations)
  2. Christians believe there is an Absolute Standard for the Moral Law 


ABSOLUTE STANDARD for morality: there is a permanent unchangeable basis for what is right vs. wrong or good vs. bad. 

  • That absolute standard doesn’t depend on people’s likes, preferences, feelings.
  • For Christians, that absolute standard is grounded in the character & nature of God 
  • And we know that absolute standard through God’s Word (10 Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, etc.)
  • It is “universal”: applies to all people at all times, all places, under all circumstances


6:04 – HOW DO WE FOLLOW GOD’S ABSOLUTE MORAL STANDARD? We can’t on our own. We fail at loving God and others (Matt. 22:37-40). That is why Jesus had to die for us. 


7:28 – JESUS’ DEATH IS IMPORTANT: CAN YOU EXPAND ON THAT? Jesus was sinless, so he could act as our sacrifice. If we put our faith in him, God comes & lives in us with the Holy Spirit & empowers us to follow him. 



  • 1. THE BIBLE: our guidebook for life
  • 2. PRAYER: pray for God’s wisdom (James  1:5) 
  • 3. THE HOLY SPIRIT: teaches us how to apply God’s Word
  • 4. COUNSELORS: pastors, mature older Christians 


10: 18 SO WHAT? Christians should never check our morals at the door. 


11:07 – WHAT’S YOUR NEXT STEP? LOVE. Ask yourself: “How am I going to love God this week?” or “How am I going to love someone else?”



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