Bible Verses for Anxiety & Fear from Old Testament Prophets

Bible Verses for Anxiety & Fear from OT Prophets Deuteronomy 31:6 Isaiah 26:3 Isaiah 41:13 Jeremiah 17:7

Bible verses for anxiety and fear can be found within the writings of the Old Testament prophets. Most Christians consider the Old Testament prophets as “doom and gloom” relics of Israel’s past. But because they wrote God’s inspired word, they also apply to us today. And that includes the emotional healing of anxiety.     […]

7 Ways to Use Scriptures for Emotional Healing

7 Ways to Handle Scripture Correctly 1 Illumination 2 Bible Study 3. Meditation 4, Memorization 5. Prayer 6. Journaling 7 A godly lifestyle

Using Scriptures for emotional healing is an essential topic for Christians. Why? In the first place, Christians often counsel others. Secondly, emotional problems can affect Christians, maybe even you. For instance, have you ever or do you suffer with: Anxiety Depression Suffering Loneliness Anger or unforgiveness Jealousy or envy Trials Habitual sins Pride Feeling guilty If […]

8 Facts About Christmas and Paganism

8 Facts About Christmas & Paganism Fact 1: There are Controversies about Christmas & Paganism Fact 2: Two Reasons We Celebrate Jesus's Birth on December 25 Fact 3: Any Association Between Christmas & Paganism is Irrelevant Fact 4: The Meaning of Christmas Traditions is Based on Present-day Definitions! Fact 5: Biblical Evidence of Paul Redeeming a Pagan Belief Fact 6: Examples of Christmas Traditions that Redefined Pagan Practices Fact 7: Deciding to Celebrate Christmas is a Christian Liberty Fact 8: A Christian Can Celebrate Christmas if Jesus is the only Focus

Do you know there are claims about an association between Christmas and paganism? In other words, some people want you to actually believe that Christmas is a pagan holiday. If you are aware of these accusations, what do you think of them? Are you confused about what it all means? Do you wish you knew […]

Six Reasons Why Christmas is a Big Deal!

6 Reasons Christmas is a Big Deal "SPIDER" 1. Supernatural invades Natural World 2. Prophecy Fulfilled .Inauguration of God's Plan 4. Divine Grace 5. Eagerness of Mary & Joseph to obey God 6. Reliable Historical Documents

  I.   What We Celebrate at Christmas Christmas is a big deal for millions. The reasons vary. It may be: Memories of Christmases past The festive vibrancy of the season The pleasure of giving and receiving gifts The anticipation of being with family   But in particular, what about you? If you celebrate Christmas, why […]

Dealing with Disappointment in God: 6 Steps from Psalm 4

6 STEPS TO DEAL WITH DISAPPOINTMENT IN GOD ros Step 1 Check Your Motives Step 2 Prav Step 3 Study & Memorize Scripture Step 4 Rely on the Holy Spirit Step 5 Live a Godly Lifestyle Steb6 Choose to Trust God

      Disappointment in God? We’ve all been there. After all, you earnestly pray for something, and it doesn’t happen. In light of whatever it is, you feel like God has let you down. If that describes your situation now or in the past, I am glad you are here.   I.   Psalm 4:7–8 […]

Renewing Your Mind to Defeat Emotional Problems

PRACTICAL WAYS TO RENEW YOUR MIND • Rely on Holy Spirit • Prayer • Study the Bible • Memorize Scripture • Meditate on Scripture • Obey Scripture • Evangelize

How can renewing your mind help you overcome emotional problems and negative thinking?     Let me back up and ask you a question. Are you one of the many Christians struggling with: Anxiety Depression Suffering Loneliness Anger or unforgiveness Jealousy or envy Trials Feeling guilty   Additionally, do you battle a negative concept of […]

Understanding the Rapture of the Church: 8 Questions and Answers


I.   Question 1: What is the Rapture of the Church? The rapture of the Church is an end-time event. Jesus will instantly take his Church (both living and dead believers) out of the world (1 Cor. 15:51-58; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; cf.; Job 19:25-27; Isa. 26:19; John 11:25-26; 14:1-3; Rev. 20:4).     There are […]

Jesus’ Second Coming: 15 Facts You Must Know!

Why is Jesus' SEcond Coming Important? Jesus Second Coming Ushers in: Satan's ultimate defeat End of time as we know it Final judgment eternally separating believers from unbelievers New Heaven & New Earth

Jesus’ Second Coming is one of Christianity’s essential doctrines (i.e., fundamentals). But even though it is the most exciting future event for every Christian, there is a lot of confusion regarding Jesus’ return. What about you? Are you confused about what will happen at the end of time? If so, you are not alone. The […]

What Happens to a Christian After Death?

2 Destinations after Death v3 blog image what happens when a Christian dies? First, the soul is in an intermediate state of conscious bliss Second comes the Resurrection: the reunion of the soul with the glorified body (1 The. 4:13-17)

Is there life after death? Have you ever wondered, “What happens after we physically die?” Why do I ask? Because every human dies, including you! Maybe you have never wondered what will happen after death, but I have. And the older I get, the more often I wonder about it. The good news is Christians […]

Bible Study the Complete Guide in 9 Steps

Bible Study Numbered v2 What is the Bible? Why Study the Bible? Preparation for Bible Study Bible Study Methods Group Bible Study Personal Bible Study Bible Study Plan Bible Study Tools Results of Bible Study

Bible study is the most fun, profitable, and valuable thing you can do, especially if you know what you are doing! Every Christain should know how to study the Bible (Rom. 8:28-29). The Bible is unique among all other books because it is the Word of God, not just the words of men (Rom 3:2). […]

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