Christian Salvation: 3 Stages of Fitting You for Heaven

Blue sky with text: Christian Salvation: 3 stages: Justification, Sanctification, Glorification

“Christian salvation,” “justification,” “sanctification,” and “glorification”… what do they all mean?  For most new and young Christians, these terms are unfamiliar. At least they were for me. I remember hearing new words at church or Bible study, writing them down, and then going home to look them up! If you feel like I did, you […]

How to Become a Christian: Salvation Explained

Steps to becoming a Christian Admit your sinfulness & repent from your rebellious life Thank Jesus for his sacrificial death on your behalf Believe in Jesus as both your God and Savior Ask him to lead your life

I.   What Is Salvation? Salvation is a way to describe a right relationship with God. Salvation includes three stages:  First, having our sins forgiven and becoming God’s child (justification) Second, becoming more Christ-like during this life (sanctification) Third, ultimately spending eternity with God (glorification)     Our relationship with God begins by trusting in […]

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