The Trinity Explained in 8 Steps

Conclusion: The Bible Teaches the Trinity Scriptural evidence supports every element proving the Trinity. 1. There is one God 2. God's "One-ness" is his One divine essence 3. The three members of the Trinity are Persons 4. All three Persons of the Trinity are God. For example they: Are called God Possess God's attributes Perform acts of God 5. The New Testament lists all three Persons of the Trinity simultaneously The Trinity is listed together All three Persons function together 6. Each Person of the Trinity is distinct There is a functional order within the Trinity 7. The Trinity is not a contradiction 8. Conclusion: Scripture teaches the Trinity

What is the Trinity? While not a typical conversation starter, this question is one of the most important we can ask in life. Why? Famous pastor and author A.W. Tozer puts it well in The Knowledge of the Holy. He wrote, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about […]

14 Essential Doctrines of Christianity Clearly Explained!

Essential Doctrines of Christianity God’s Unity God’s Tri-Unity Human Depravity Christ’s Virgin Conception (Birth) Jesus’ Sinlessness Jesus is Fully God & Fully Human 7. God’s Grace 8. Necessity of Faith 9. Jesus’ Atoning Death 10. Christ’s Resurrection 11. Jesus’ Ascension 12. Jesus’ Intercession 13. Jesus’ 2nd Coming 14. Inspiration of Scripture

The essential doctrines of Christianity are core beliefs held by all Christians. They are the 14 basic principles that define Christianity and bind all believers together at a fundamental level.         I.   What Are the Essential Doctrines of Christianity? There are several different lists of core Christian beliefs. But nearly every […]

Is the Trinity in the Bible? 6 Reasons We Can Say Yes!

Evidence for the Trinity Only One God (Monotheism) God the Father God The Son (Jesus) God, the Holy Spirit 3 Persons are Distinct Members are Equal but Serve Different Roles

Is the Trinity in the Bible? What does the Bible actually show us about who God is? How can we explain the Trinity to people who think it is made up or a contradiction? Here are six reasons that we can say, “Yes, the Trinity is in the Bible.”   I.   The Trinity is […]

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity One God exists as 3 distinct persons Trinity is Apprehended, not Comprehended Scripture Proves the Trinity An Analogy proves the Trinity is NOT Contradictory Christianity is Based on Understanding the Trinity

Understanding the Trinity can be challenging and confusing. Why? Because our triune God is eternal and infinite, and we are finite. How can we ever hope to completely understand the Trinity? We can’t. The Trinity is a mystery, meaning we only know about it because it is revealed in the Bible. And while we can […]

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