Christian Apologetics: 4 Main Views on How to Defend Your Faith

Four Forms of Apologetics Classical Evidential Historical Presuppositional a

Christian apologetics is a crucial and non-negotiable discipline for the believer (1 Pet. 3:15). It is also known as pre-evangelism. But the name “apologetics” can be confusing. To clarify, we are not apologizing for our worldview. Far from it. Let’s find out what apologetics is and the four main views on how to defend your […]

A 3-Step Method to Prove Christianity Superior to Islam and Judaism

Systematic Consistency Logical Consistency Empirical Adequacy Experiential Relevance

How can we prove Christianity is the only correct worldview? First, Christianity is a theistic worldview. Theism is one of seven worldviews. And a theistic God is one God who is an eternal spirit that is infinite in all his attributes. For example, he is: First, all-powerful Second, all-knowing Third, everywhere present at once And […]

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