To Prove Theism True: Show the 6 Competing Worldviews are False

2 Steps to prove theism 1. Theism is true (i.e., undeniable) 2. All 6 competing non-theistic worldviews are false (i.e., unaffirmable)

How do we prove theism is true? Can this be done? Or is a belief in God just based on our feelings or how we grew up?        I.   First Step to Prove Theism is True. Demonstrate that it is Undeniable In a previous article, we began with our first of two […]

Why Christianity? Because Jesus is Superior to Other Religious Leaders

esus is Superior to all Religious Leaders Moses in Judaism Muhammad of Islam Hinduism's Gurus Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) of Buddhism Confucius Lao Tzu (Taoism)

Do you believe that Jesus is superior to every other leader of a world religion? Understand me. In general, the founders of other religions made noteworthy contributions to humanity’s knowledge. Dr. Norman Geisler explicitly explains why Jesus is unique among the founders of other world religions. If, in fact, Jesus not only claimed but proved […]

What Is a Worldview?

What is a Worldview First, it takes in the data of life. Second, it molds how we interpret and think about that data. Third, these interpretations and thoughts then generate decisions. Fourth, these decisions lead to our actions. Takes in the data of life Molds how we interpret and think about that data These interpretations generate decisions These decisions lead to our actions

A worldview is the way we interpret the world around us. Every day we face new and challenging information, ideas, and questions. Do you ever struggle with what to believe, what is right, and what to do? For example, have you ever wondered: Why am I here? What does my life matter? Is there more […]

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