Demolishing Arguments Against the Resurrection

Arguments against Resurrection Refuted Can’t Harmonize Resurrection Accounts with the Gospels. Disciples Went to the Wrong Tomb Disciples Stole the Body Jews or Romans Stole the Body The Swoon Theory The Hallucination Theory Jesus Resurrected Spiritually The Resurrection was a Myth Post death appearances were not Jesus.

There have been arguments against the resurrection since it occurred. However, none of them have any merit. Every one of them has been demolished. And that is important. Because believing in the resurrection is the most critical decision you will ever make. Why?  Because Jesus’ resurrection shows that he is everything he said he was. […]

Why Christianity? Because Jesus is Superior to Other Religious Leaders

esus is Superior to all Religious Leaders Moses in Judaism Muhammad of Islam Hinduism's Gurus Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) of Buddhism Confucius Lao Tzu (Taoism)

Do you believe that Jesus is superior to every other leader of a world religion? Understand me. In general, the founders of other religions made noteworthy contributions to humanity’s knowledge. Dr. Norman Geisler explicitly explains why Jesus is unique among the founders of other world religions. If, in fact, Jesus not only claimed but proved […]

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Disciple?

A CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE FOLLOWS JESUS Jesus expects total commitment Disciples are to "die" to their sinful lifestyle & not to live for themselves • Followers should serve, trust, & obey Christ • Believers must worship God alone & respond to Christ's commands Live a life distinct from non-Christians • Engage the world like Jesus would • Be prayerful, patient, & pure Evangelize faithfully & uncompromisingly Live with love & integrity • Be in community with other believers

If you have put your faith in Jesus, you are a Christian disciple! Obviously, you are thrilled by that news, but what exactly does that mean? For example, What is a Christian Disciple? Do I need to do anything now that I am a Christian disciple? If so, what are the characteristics of a Christian […]

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