7 Facts for Understanding & Proving the Inspiration of the Bible

Definition of Inspiration of the BibleThe Holy Spirit guided human authors to record God-breathed writings

Inspiration of the Bible is a unique concept among the world’s holy or wisdom books. But what is it, and why is it so important? Before I answer those questions, let me ask you a question. “Where do you and your friends go for sound and practical advice about life?” After all, there are many […]

14 Essential Doctrines of Christianity Clearly Explained!

Essential Doctrines of Christianity God’s Unity God’s Tri-Unity Human Depravity Christ’s Virgin Conception (Birth) Jesus’ Sinlessness Jesus is Fully God & Fully Human 7. God’s Grace 8. Necessity of Faith 9. Jesus’ Atoning Death 10. Christ’s Resurrection 11. Jesus’ Ascension 12. Jesus’ Intercession 13. Jesus’ 2nd Coming 14. Inspiration of Scripture

The essential doctrines of Christianity are core beliefs held by all Christians. They are the 14 basic principles that define Christianity and bind all believers together at a fundamental level.         I.   What Are the Essential Doctrines of Christianity? There are several different lists of core Christian beliefs. But nearly every […]

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