Studying the Bible: 3 Methods that Work

3 Forms of Bible Study v2 Inductive or Focused (Exegesis) The Bible’s Big Story (Biblical Theology) Topical (Systematic Theology)

Studying the Bible is critical for an intimate relationship with God. And that is something you want more than anything. However, you may have already found out that studying the Bible takes effort. It also requires reliance on the Holy Spirit.     Have you tried studying the Bible but found it unrewarding? You are in […]

Interpreting Scripture By Investigating with the C.I.A. Method 

CIA Method (Exegesis) Context Interpretation Application

Interpreting Scripture is critical for every Christian. To begin with, the academic name for accurately interpreting Scripture is “exegesis.” For the purpose of making exegesis understandable, we present the “C.I.A. method.” I.   CIA Method of Interpreting Scripture (Exegesis) Context, Interpretation Application in interpreting Scripture       As a result of following these three […]

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