Is the Trinity in the Bible? 6 Reasons We Can Say Yes!

Evidence for the Trinity Only One God (Monotheism) God the Father God The Son (Jesus) God, the Holy Spirit 3 Persons are Distinct Members are Equal but Serve Different Roles

Is the Trinity in the Bible? What does the Bible actually show us about who God is? How can we explain the Trinity to people who think it is made up or a contradiction? Here are six reasons that we can say, “Yes, the Trinity is in the Bible.”   I.   The Trinity is […]

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity One God exists as 3 distinct persons Trinity is Apprehended, not Comprehended Scripture Proves the Trinity An Analogy proves the Trinity is NOT Contradictory Christianity is Based on Understanding the Trinity

Understanding the Trinity can be challenging and confusing. Why? Because our triune God is eternal and infinite, and we are finite. How can we ever hope to completely understand the Trinity? We can’t. The Trinity is a mystery, meaning we only know about it because it is revealed in the Bible. And while we can […]

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