8 Facts About Christmas and Paganism

8 Facts About Christmas & Paganism Fact 1: There are Controversies about Christmas & Paganism Fact 2: Two Reasons We Celebrate Jesus's Birth on December 25 Fact 3: Any Association Between Christmas & Paganism is Irrelevant Fact 4: The Meaning of Christmas Traditions is Based on Present-day Definitions! Fact 5: Biblical Evidence of Paul Redeeming a Pagan Belief Fact 6: Examples of Christmas Traditions that Redefined Pagan Practices Fact 7: Deciding to Celebrate Christmas is a Christian Liberty Fact 8: A Christian Can Celebrate Christmas if Jesus is the only Focus

Do you know there are claims about an association between Christmas and paganism? In other words, some people want you to actually believe that Christmas is a pagan holiday. If you are aware of these accusations, what do you think of them? Are you confused about what it all means? Do you wish you knew […]

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