8 Questions That Change How Christians Culturally Engage a Secular World

8 Questions for Cultural Engagement What is Secularism? Is Secularism a Faith Commitment? What If I’m Nervous? Isn't Secularism Contradictory? How Do I Engage With a Relativist? How Do I Engage With a Pluralist? How Do I Respond to, “Stop Imposing Your Beliefs On Others”? How Do I Respond to “Christians are Intolerant and Narrow-minded”?

As a Christian, you want to culturally engage non-Christians. Some people may have pushed back. They may have told you that Christianity has no place in public arenas. For example, in education, workplaces, politics, art, and entertainment. Instead, you’ve been asked to practice your faith privately or in church.  What should you do? Thankfully, eight questions […]

What is Cultural Engagement?

Definition of Cultural Engagement Cultural engagement is giving, creating, and speaking to influence the world around us for God’s glory and humankind’s good.”

Cultural engagement for Christians is not an option. Christians must daily engage in the surrounding culture. But how we engage culturally is our choice. We can never predict or control how others will respond to us. But we can always control how we choose to respond to them.     It is not uncommon to […]

5 Ways a Chrisitan’s Cultural Engagement is Worth It!

Fearless Evangelism Overcoming Culture's Misgivings About Christians Fearless Evangelism Overcoming Culture's Misgivings About Christians Lifestyle Evangelism Being "Salt and Light” In the Long Run Lifestyle Evangelism Being "Salt and Light” In the Long Run

Is Christian cultural engagement worth all the challenges? As Christians, we must live out our faith in every area of our lives. But we live in a secular environment with many wrong perceptions of Christianity. And candidly, it can sometimes feel like an uphill slog. You might wonder, for example: “Is it worth the hassle […]

7 Streams for Engaging Culturally: Every Christians Essential List

7 Steams for Engaging Culturally Biologic & Church Families Church Workplace Community Government & Politics Education Arts and Entertainment

If you have been a Christian for a while, you know that engaging culturally in our society can be challenging. As a result, you are figuring out cultural engagement yourself. And even though it can be difficult, we should try to engage with the world around us. However, that raises several questions. For example: How […]

7 Reasons Christians Must Be Culturally Engaged

Undoubtedly, Dr. Bruce R. Ashford is correct that Christians should be culturally engaged. In fact, we cannot avoid interacting with the world around us. Let’s consider several questions. For example: What do we mean by culture? What are the various areas of culture? How can we be effective witnesses in our culture? Why does it even […]

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