6 Facts About Christian Apologetics (Pre-Evangelism) You Must Know!

6 Facts about Christian Apologetics Importance of Christian Apologetics Analogy Distinguishing Apologetics from Evangelism Belief That or Belief In? Christian Apologetics Answers Difficult Questions Christian ApologeticsDefends the Faith Evangelism Must Accompany Apologetics

Christian apologetics is one of our greatest privileges. But what is apologetics or pre-evangelism? There are six facts that every Christian should know when it comes to apologetics. I.   Six Facts About Christian Apologetics Importance of Christian Apologetics Analogy Distinguishing Apologetics from Evangelism Belief That or Belief In? Christian Apologetics Answers Difficult Questions Christian Apologetics […]

Interpreting Scripture By Investigating with the C.I.A. Method 

CIA Method (Exegesis) Context Interpretation Application

Interpreting Scripture is critical for every Christian. To begin with, the academic name for accurately interpreting Scripture is “exegesis.” For the purpose of making exegesis understandable, we present the “C.I.A. method.” I.   CIA Method of Interpreting Scripture (Exegesis) Context, Interpretation Application in interpreting Scripture       As a result of following these three […]

A Survey of the Bible: 9 Essential Facts You Must Know!

Survey of the Bible 1. Bible is Greek for Book 2. The Bible is a Library of 66 Books 3. Unity of the Bible 4. Navigating the Bible: Bible References 5. What is the Old Testament? 6. How is the Old Testament Organized? 7. What is the New Testament? 8. How is the New Testament Organized? 9. How does the Bible Fit Together?

This brief survey of the Bible will introduce you to the most essential book in the world. It will undoubtedly become your most prized possession as you grow as a Jesus follower. Even though you want to jump into Bible study, let’s get a survey of the Bible covering its main features. In particular, where […]

What is a Christian Apologist? A Definition & 8 Tips to Succeed!

Remaining gracious while presenting intelligent & engaging answers works to your advantage. Most people will pay more attention to how you say something than what you say.

  What is a Christian apologist? Their apologetic (pre-evangelism) “defends” Christianity against criticism (1 Pet. 3:15). Additionally, it gives reasons to believe  Christianity is the only correct worldview. A Christian apologist needs to understand what apologetics is and isn’t.   Further, after decades of using apologetics, I have eight suggestions for apologists that fall into one […]

What Are The 7 Areas of Spiritual Life?

Seven Areas of Your Spiritual Life: Bible Knowledge, Spiritual Disciplines, Discipleship, Soul Care, Pre-Evangelism, Evangelism, Cultural Engagement

How is your spiritual life? Did you even know that you have a spiritual life? Maybe not and that’s ok. But if  you are a new or young Christian, then this blog is for you! Why? You are going to learn about the seven areas of your spiritual life and why they are important to […]

The Four New Testament Genres: Why They are Important!

  If you love God’s word, you will want to understand the New Testament genres. But what are the four New Testament genres? Moreover, why are New Testament Genres so important? And most importantly, how do the New Testament genres help us interpret God’s Word? Knowing genres help the books make sense. In other words, once we […]

The List of 6 Old Testament Genres for Beginners

1. The Law 2. Narrative 3, Wisdom Literature 4. Poetry 5. Prophetic literature 6. Apocalyptic literature

So you want to know about Old Testament genres? Maybe you are a new or young Christian and don’t even know what a genre is or why it is essential. Then you are reading the right article! There are at least six Old testament genres. And knowing the genre of the Old Testament book is […]

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