Studying the Bible: 3 Methods that Work

3 Forms of Bible Study v2 Inductive or Focused (Exegesis) The Bible’s Big Story (Biblical Theology) Topical (Systematic Theology)

Studying the Bible is critical for an intimate relationship with God. And that is something you want more than anything. However, you may have already found out that studying the Bible takes effort. It also requires reliance on the Holy Spirit.     Have you tried studying the Bible but found it unrewarding? You are in […]

7 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Change You

7 Spiritual Disciplines that Will change you

A “spiritual discipline” is a devotional and physical activity. There are many spiritual disciplines. But we will focus on seven of the most common. These practices engage our hearts and minds to focus on God (Rom. 12:1-2). Above all, they draw us into a more intimate relationship with God. In effect, they place us in […]

Give Me a Mentor: Training for Christian Disciples

What Should a mentor teach blog image

Every new and young Christian needs a mentor. In other words, mature believers help them become more like Jesus (Rom. 8:28-29). Being discipled should be part of every Christian’s story. Sadly most Christians never have a mentor. As a result, many never begin their spiritual journey on the right foot. In other words, they don’t […]

How to Become a Christian: Salvation Explained

Steps to becoming a Christian Admit your sinfulness & repent from your rebellious life Thank Jesus for his sacrificial death on your behalf Believe in Jesus as both your God and Savior Ask him to lead your life

I.   What Is Salvation? Salvation is a way to describe a right relationship with God. Salvation includes three stages:  First, having our sins forgiven and becoming God’s child (justification) Second, becoming more Christ-like during this life (sanctification) Third, ultimately spending eternity with God (glorification)     Our relationship with God begins by trusting in […]

Reading the Bible: A Guide for Beginners

Why read the Bible blog image

Reading the Bible is the place to begin to learn about Christianity. And as you understand God’s word, you will Be more intimate with God Have a better perspective on life Be better prepared to evangelize Be better able to help your struggling friends       I.   Where to Begin Reading the Bible? […]

How to Do Prayer in Four ACTS

Image of praying hands with text Prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

I.   What Is Prayer? One of the most astonishing activities in the Christian spiritual life is prayer. The simplest definition of prayer, for example, is communicating with God.  Unfortunately, many Christians are not taught either its importance or how to do it. Thankfully, a mnemonic memory device can guide us in our talking with […]

5 Ways a Chrisitan’s Cultural Engagement is Worth It!

Fearless Evangelism Overcoming Culture's Misgivings About Christians Fearless Evangelism Overcoming Culture's Misgivings About Christians Lifestyle Evangelism Being "Salt and Light” In the Long Run Lifestyle Evangelism Being "Salt and Light” In the Long Run

Is Christian cultural engagement worth all the challenges? As Christians, we must live out our faith in every area of our lives. But we live in a secular environment with many wrong perceptions of Christianity. And candidly, it can sometimes feel like an uphill slog. You might wonder, for example: “Is it worth the hassle […]

7 Streams for Engaging Culturally: Every Christians Essential List

7 Steams for Engaging Culturally Biologic & Church Families Church Workplace Community Government & Politics Education Arts and Entertainment

If you have been a Christian for a while, you know that engaging culturally in our society can be challenging. As a result, you are figuring out cultural engagement yourself. And even though it can be difficult, we should try to engage with the world around us. However, that raises several questions. For example: How […]

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Disciple?

A CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE FOLLOWS JESUS Jesus expects total commitment Disciples are to "die" to their sinful lifestyle & not to live for themselves • Followers should serve, trust, & obey Christ • Believers must worship God alone & respond to Christ's commands Live a life distinct from non-Christians • Engage the world like Jesus would • Be prayerful, patient, & pure Evangelize faithfully & uncompromisingly Live with love & integrity • Be in community with other believers

If you have put your faith in Jesus, you are a Christian disciple! Obviously, you are thrilled by that news, but what exactly does that mean? For example, What is a Christian Disciple? Do I need to do anything now that I am a Christian disciple? If so, what are the characteristics of a Christian […]

7 Reasons Christians Must Be Culturally Engaged

Undoubtedly, Dr. Bruce R. Ashford is correct that Christians should be culturally engaged. In fact, we cannot avoid interacting with the world around us. Let’s consider several questions. For example: What do we mean by culture? What are the various areas of culture? How can we be effective witnesses in our culture? Why does it even […]

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