Binmin Podcast Ep. 7b: “What is Cultural Engagement?” Part 2 of 2

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29 mins 46 sec
This podcast is the second in a two-part series on Christians navigating the seven cultural streams of family, church, workplace, community, politics, and the arts. In an ever-increasingly polarized and anti-Christian society, how can we best reflect Christ?
Every genuine Christian needs to be seeking to live a Christ-like life. But how do we do that in the various areas of our lives? How do we raise healthy families? What is our role in the church? How can we honor Jesus in the spheres of work, community, public arena, politics, and education? What friends should you have? What kind of arts and entertainment are appropriate for our families and us?
0:00 – Binmin intro
0:13 – Welcome and introduction
1:00 – What is cultural engagement as it relates to the seven streams of cultural influence?
1:54 – Christianity’s impact on family relationships
5:17 – What is the role of the church in the life of a believer? Worship is paramount for
7:20 – What is lifestyle evangelism, and why is it essential in the workplace.
10:03 – Believers should be involved in community activities, creating genuine friendships and transparent conversations
13:55 – Christians should exercise the right to vote. When participating in politics and government, we should remain civil and have reasonable expectations.
17:54 – Believers attending public schools and universities will have their faith challenged eventually. Seek academic excellence with humility while
maintaining convictions. And spend time learning some basic apologetics
22:37 – Christians and the arts. Are we creating things that are good, true, and beautiful?
23:43 – So what? Don’t be discouraged if you are struggling. Every one of us has a “next step.”
29:15 – Look for opportunities to create genuine friendships and respectful relationships humbly and prayerfully.
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