Binmin Podcast Ep. 7a: “What is Cultural Engagement?” Part 1 of 2

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As Christians, we spend most of our lives around people who don’t share our faith. How can we reflect Jesus in every area of our public and private lives? Or should we only manifest our beliefs in private and remain agnostic in public?
In this first podcast of a two-part series discussing cultural engagement, we will discuss how Christians can live out their spiritual lives within our broader culture profoundly affected by secularization. Christians regularly interact in seven cultural streams. These include family, church, workplace, community, government, education, and the arts.
0:00 – Binmin intro
0:13 – Welcome and introduction
1:20 – Cultural Engagement is giving, creating, and speaking to influence the world around us for good by honoring God.
4:01 – List the “7 Streams of Cultural Engagement”
5:44 – The unhealthy ways to interact with the broader culture
10:28 – What are the healthy ways to interact with the world around us?
14:15 – Why is it necessary to engage with culture?
16:45 – So what? Living in the real world with non-Christians allows us to show a better way to live because God has changed us. The best thing we can
offer others is Christ.
18:50 – Take time this week to look around and see where God has us. Find one way God can use you to give, create, or speak to point others to God.
19:27 – Thank you and wrap-up
Lewis, C.S., The Weight of Glory: And Other Essays (1949; San Francisco: HarperCollins, 2001), 140.
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