Binmin Podcast Ep. 19: Second Coming | Putting the Fun In…

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Jesus’s Second Coming is the seventh topic in our eight-part series on “Putting the Fun In…” the fundamentals or essential doctrines of Christianity. 


At some unknown time in the future, Jesus will return to earth. His Second Coming will be a lightning-like descent in the clouds with his angels and glorified saints for all to see. The Second Coming initiates Christ’s judgment of everyone. It also ushers in the new heavens and new earth. The Second Coming reminds us the end could be at any time and for Christians to pursue God-honoring lives. 


0:00 – Welcome


2:00 – The Second Coming refers to Christ’s return to earth. Several parties promised Jesus’s Second Coming: 


  1. Jesus said, [Y]ou will see the Son of Man … coming with the clouds of heaven(Mark 14:62)


  1. Two angels at Christ’s ascension said, Jesus … will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.(Acts 1:11)


  1. Several New Testament authors. 


3:30 – What’s the big deal about the Second Coming? The Second Coming’s date is unknown, but it will be physical, personal, and sudden. 


4:45 – 2 Purposes for Second Coming: 

  1. To resurrect and transform everyone for judgment. Jesus will judge and reward each Christian based on how we have lived our Christian lives. The unsaved will be cast into hell.


  1. Jesus will also restore new heavens and new earth (Rev 21:4).


6:50 – So what? How should we respond when no one knows when Christ will return (Matt. 24:36).


7:08 – Non-Christians should consider God’s offer of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Embrace the Judge as your Savior.


8:39 – Christ’s judgment of believers should motivate us to Godly lives. Christ rewards us based on what we have done with the gifts and opportunities he has given us. Am I suffering for Jesus?


13:19 – Wrap up

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