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The virgin birth is the third in an eight-part series entitled, “Putting the Fun in…” on the Christian faith’s essentials or fundamentals that all Jesus followers believe. This doctrine is also called the incarnation or virgin conception. The miracle of the virgin conception is an actual historical event. The first chapters of Matthew and Luke’s Gospels describe the miracle. The virgin conception was necessary so Jesus could be born fully God and fully man. And for doubters, there is convincing evidence that it occurred.


0:00 – Welcome and Introductions.


2:50 – Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-38 present the virgin conception narrative. The story contains both supernatural and natural events. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was a young virgin (Luke 1:34) engaged to Joseph (Luke 1:27). 


3:34 – The conception by the Holy Spirit was miraculous (Matt. 1:18). God the Father sent God the Holy Spirit to conceive Jesus in the womb of a virgin named Mary. She remained a virgin until she delivered Jesus. 


3:35 – “Incarnation” in this context means “God taking on a human form. Jesus, who is fully God, also became fully human by taking on a perfect human nature


5:07 – The supernatural virgin conception was necessary so that Jesus did not inherit a human sin nature. Taking on a perfect human nature (Phil. 2:6-7) made him fully God and fully human. 


8:26 – There are multiple pieces of evidence that the virgin conception occurred. 1. The most obvious evidence is Joseph. He decided to divorce Mary because he knew he wasn’t the Father. And it took angelic intervention to reassure him of Mary’s miraculous conception (Matt. 1:20) and save their marriage. If this wasn’t true, why include this embarrassing detail? This story that puts Joseph in a bad light is the principle of embarrassment.


10:18 – 2. The Accusation from Others. Thirty years after his birth, the scandal of Christ’s birth was still a topic. Jesus’ enemies knew Joseph was not Christ’s Father. And they insinuated that Jesus was illegitimate or “born of sexual immorality” (John 8:41).


12:05 – 3. Fulfilled prophecy. Matthew 1:22-23 claims the virgin conception fulfills Isaiah 7:14. 4. Access to Witnesses. Matthew and Luke would have had access to the most credible witnesses of all. Mary, the mother of our Lord (Luke 1:46-55). As well as Jesus half-brothers James (Gal. 1:19; cf. Matt. 13:55; Acts 15:13; 21:18; 1 Cor. 15:7; James 1:1) and Jude (Jude 1; cf. Matt. 13:55) who became Christians and would undoubtedly have known the story.


14:36 – 5. Perhaps the best evidence is found in asking the question: “Why would devout Jews (Matthew and Paul–who was Luke’s primary resource) make up such a blasphemous story of God conceiving a child if it wasn’t’ true?” There would be no rational reason or plausible answer unless it were true.


15:50 – So What? How does the virgin conception practically impact my life? First, If God hadn’t conceived his Son in Mary, we wouldn’t have Jesus to save us. In some ways, the virgin birth is the start of the gospel that I need to be sharing with others!


16:43 – Second, Prophecies made 500 years before Jesus’ birth prove God keeps his promises.


17:13 – Thank you and wrap up

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