Binmin Podcast Ep. 8: God & Origins | What Questions Should I Ask About My Faith?

Released: January 1, 2021
19 mins 09 sec
A worldview is the fundamental way you view the world and affects every decision you make. Your worldview answers at least six questions about topics that affect the way you take in data, process it, make decisions, and then act. Today’s episode discusses God and Origins.
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Show Notes:

A worldview is like a pair of eyeglasses putting the world around us into focus. The proper prescription helps us see everything clearly, the wrong prescription of scratched or marred lenses distorts the world and can give us the wrong information.

A worldview asks six questions remembered by the mnemonic “GO HOME”. Today we are going to discuss the first two questions relating to God and Origins (where do we come from).

0:00 – Binmin intro

0:14 – Welcome and introductions

0:57 – A worldview is the fundamental way you perceive the world around you.

1:27 – Analogy of eyeglasses helps understand a worldview. Only one prescription is correct, and any other prescription is wrong. Similarly, only theism and specifically Christianity is the one correct worldview to view the world around you.

2:18 – Every worldview must address six topics: “GO HOME”: God, Origins, Humanity, Ought (i.e., morality), Meaning, End (i.e., destiny).

3:52 – God: God’s existence and attributes determine the seven worldviews: theism, atheism, pantheism, polytheism, finite godism, panentheism, and deism. Only theism’s Christianity is true.

4: 36 – Christians believe in one God (monotheism) who exists as a Trinity (Father, Son-Jesus, and Holy Spirit). And we believe Jesus is fully God and fully human. These distinguishing beliefs are mysteries beyond our “comprehension.” But through analogies, we can “apprehend” them sufficiently to show that they are not contradictions.

8:00 – What are God’s attributes? An attribute is an inherent characteristic of a person or Being. We only know God’s attributes because of the Bible. God is an uncaused, self-existent Being (Ex. 3:14). He is an invisible Spirit (John 4:24) who is eternal (Rev. 1:8, 17), omnipresent (Psa 139:7-12), omniscient (Job 38:39; Rom. 11:33–36), and omnipotent (Job 42:2). God is also sovereign (Exod. 20:2-3) and absolutely perfect. The only Being worthy of being worshipped.

11:10 – Origins “Where did the universe and humans come from?”

11:29 – There are only four possibilities for the existence of the universe. Either it:
(1) Came from nothing,
(2) Was self-caused,
(3) Has existed for an infinite number of moments in time, or
(4) Was caused or created by another.

12:16 – Problems arise in discussions about the origin of the universe.

12:30 – The universe logically could not be caused by nothing or “self-caused” because these choices are contradictory.

13:03 – But some worldviews believe in a universe that has existed for an infinite number of moments.

13:26 – An infinitely old universe is impossible because of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.

14:22 – An infinitely old universe is mathematically impossible. In a real physical universe, an infinite number of moments cannot be traversed.

15:04 – The only answer to our universe’s origin is that it was caused (created) by an eternal and uncaused Creator God. And that is what the Bible says is true.

15:45 – So what? Why is it important that Christians believe in these concepts about God and Origins?

16:02 – A Christian God can give us confidence and security that everything is under God’s control.

17:01 – The eternal communion within the Trinity and Jesus being fully God and fully human means that our God desires a personal relationship with humans. Christ’s love for us and willingness to die for our salvation is unlike any other religion.

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