Binmin Podcast Ep. 9: Humanity | What Questions Should I Ask About My Faith?

Released: January 15, 2021
10 mins 41 sec

A worldview is a fundamental way you view the world and affects every decision you make. Your worldview covers at least six essential topics: God, Origins, Humanity, Ought (Morality), Meaning, End (Destiny), or “GO HOME.” Today’s topic is Humanity.


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Show Notes:

What is the role of humans in the universe? Are we special? If we are unique, why is that? Only Christianity provides realistic answers to these substantive questions.

God created humans in his image (Gen 1:27), which explains our unique role in the universe. And despite broken fellowship with him in the Garden of Eden, God has provided a way for every person to experience what it means to be fully human through accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

0:00 – Binmin intro

0:14 – Welcome and introductions

1:10 – Definition of a worldview. How you perceive the world around you.

1:45 – Mnemonic Acronym that covers six topics of a worldview: “GO HOME”… God, Origins, Humanity, Ought (Morality), Meaning, End (Destiny).

2:20 – Humanity deals with “What are humans and their place in the universe.”

2:53 – Humans were specially created by God and made in His image (Gen 1:27).

4:04 – By bearing God’s image, all human life, regardless of age or stage of life, ethnicity, or gender, has deep intrinsic value.

4:42 – But sin afflicts all creation introduced by Adam and Eve’s rebellion and spreading to every human since. Sin brought death and separation from God into the world. But God is holy and just and cannot be in the presence of evil, so sinners must be quarantined from God eternally.

5:36 – What’s the answer? Only God could solve the problem. He did this by sending Jesus to earth as a perfect human who willingly died as a sacrifice on the cross. As our substitute, Jesus took on our sins and punishment and paid our sin debt to God. So by accepting Christ as our Savior, we can spend eternity with God.

7:21 – Jesus is the one who rescues the image of God in us! By accepting Christ as our Savior, we can become more fully human.

7:58 – So what? Why does a proper understanding of humanity matter at all? First, we are not a random collection of atoms bumping into each other until we decay and die. Since humans are created in God’s image, all humans should be valued, loved, and respected.

8:58 – Everyone needs the Gospel. We can only rescue the image of God within us by accepting Jesus. God alone transforms us. And across the world, we see God manifest among fellow believers until, in his eternal kingdom, God’s glory is everywhere.

10:08 – Thank you and wrap-up
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