Binmin Podcast Ep. 5: “What is Apologetics (Pre-Evangelism)?”

Released: December 12, 2020
23 mins 31 sec

Christianity has defended its claims against criticisms for more than 2000 years. And there are better reasons for believing in Christianity than any other belief system. This podcast introduces apologetics or pre-evangelism, the discipline that rationally defends Christianity against critics and provides reasons to place your faith in it.

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Show Notes:

Have you ever faced challenging questions about Christianity? Have others wanted to know why you believe Christianity is the only true religion? Apologetics or pre-evangelism removes obstacles for people struggling with questions about Christianity. It answers the hard questions and provides reasonable answers to why Christianity is true and other worldviews are not. It is not the same as evangelism, although the two often work together. This episode introduces apologetics and discusses its relationship to evangelism.

0:00 – Binmin intro

0:13 – Welcome and introduction

0:45 – Defining apologetics

3:19 – Explaining the relationship between apologetics and evangelism

6:50 – Apologetics removes obstacles. It defends Christianity from critics and offers reasons to believe. But it is always wedded to evangelism.

9:32 – There several essential characteristics of a good apologist

13:25 – Dangers of pre-evangelism including pride and distraction

17:20 – So what? Apologetics allows us to enter spiritual conversations, removes obstacles, and it shapes culture

22:25 – Learning apologetics strengthens our Christian faith

22:57 – Thank you and wrap-up

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