Binmin Podcast Ep. 4: “What is Soul Care?”

Released: December 12, 2020
20 mins 34 sec

The soul is the most critical part of you. Soul care maintains a healthy soul and heals wounded ones. Only Christianity offers the right prescription for both.

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Show Notes:

Only Christianity offers the right prescription for both. Join us in this episode to discuss one of the most overlooked dimensions of growing spiritually, caring for our souls. We discuss what the soul is, how to maintain a well-balanced spiritual life. We also dive deep into reasons and solutions for hurting fellow believers.

0:00 – Binmin Intro

0:13 – Welcome and Introduction.

1:13 – What is the soul?

1:59 – Definition of soul care.

2:21 – A healthy soul is saturated with the Holy Spirit (the third Person of the Holy Trinity) and exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22)

4:43 – Cultivating a healthy soul within the church community.

6:40  – Causes of an unhealthy soul. (“Flipping the train”– the caboose becomes the engine!)

10:58 – Manifestations of an unhealthy soul

14:35 – Helping hurting Christians: God’s word is the only reliable resource we have that will help us deal with spiritual problems—look there first. Goal to have a deeper relationship with God.

16:38 – So what? For most situations being a faithful and listening friend pointing hurting friends back to God can be huge. But in dangerous situations, more intensive attention is required.

19:50 – Thank you and wrap-up

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