Binmin Podcast Ep. 3: “What is Discipleship?”

Released: December 10, 2020
17 mins 39 sec

Who do you most want to emulate? Is it a parent, teacher, friend, or celebrity? Christian discipleship means living like Jesus. If that seems either daunting or uninteresting, you need to listen to this podcast.

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Show Notes:

Being a disciple of Christ is the most exciting lifestyle for any human being. This episode examines the definition of discipleship, how to be a Christian disciple, and how to disciple others.

0:00 – Binmin Intro 

0:13 – Welcome and introduction  

0:52 – What does it mean to be a disciple?  

2:28 – Discipleship isn’t a “self-improvement” program. It but living a Gospel-centered life and evangelizing others (“Multiplicative”: Word of the Day!)  

5:02  – There are three ways to disciple fellow Christians  

5:25 – Disciplining in 1-on-1 interactions can go up-down or down-up.   

7:07 – Discipling peer-to-peer friendships for accountability and live life together (Prov 27:17)   

8:18 – Discipling as a mentor to newer believers   

10:04 – Discipling in small groups or bible studies  

12:00 – Discipleship in the local church  

13:35 – So What? You need to count the cost of discipleship in your life.   

15:37  – So What? To disciple others, I need to be more Christ-like daily*  

17:01 – Thank you and wrap-up  

References  Bonhoeffer, D (1979) Cost of Discipleship. New York, McMillan, p. 99.

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