Binmin Podcast Ep. 2: “What are the Spiritual Disciplines?”

Released: December 10, 2020
23 mins 44 sec

Would you like to have a closer, more intimate relationship with God? Spiritual disciplines are specific practices intended to bring us into a closer relationship with our Lord.

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Show Notes:

Devotional Bible reading and prayer are two examples of spiritual disciplines that we discuss in this episode.

We apologize for the Pop’s low audio quality for this episode …

0:00 Binmin intro

0:13 Welcome and introduction

1:30 What are spiritual disciplines?

2:57 Why do we need the spiritual disciplines?

4:08 Devotional Bible reading is drawing closer to God through meditation on Scripture

08:47 Praying using Origen’s ACTS method is very effective

11:11 “A” is for Adoration or God, starting with praising who God is

12:25 “C” is for Confessing my sins towards God and others.

14:09 “T” is for Thanksgiving on how God has provided for me

16:22 “S” is for supplication or asking God for my needs or the needs of others

18:35 So What? Spiritual disciplines make it harder to live in sin

21:16 Spiritual disciplines strengthen our faith and make us better witnesses

23:00 Thank you and wrap up.

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