Binmin Podcast Ep. 1a: “What is Bible Knowledge?” Part 1 of 2

Released: December 9, 2020
18 mins 11 sec

What kind of book is the Bible? How am I supposed to read it? Why is that even important for my spiritual life? In this two-part launch episode, Pops, Dave, and Bob begin the exploration of seven areas of the spiritual life, starting with Bible knowledge.

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Show Notes:

This episode overviews the Bible as a library of sixty-six books and introduces the “CIA” (Context-Interpretation-Application) method of studying the Bible. The two forms of context are literary and historical.

0:00 – Welcome and Introductions

0:30 – Pops’ frustrating history of studying the Bible

1:18 – An overview of the Bible as a collection of 66 books

2:22 – Start by reading just one book at a time in a slow and focused way

4:14 – Introduction of the CIA method for focused Scripture reading

5:03 – Two types of Context

5:23 – Literary Context: Looking around at words, passages, and books

8:32 – Literary Context: Genre

10:48 – Historical Context: Who, what, when & where of each book. As well as the social, economic, and political-cultural influences.

14:55 – So What? Next steps to take

17:16 – Thank you and Wrap-up

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