Binmin Podcast Ep. 17: Resurrection | Putting the Fun In…

Released: May 15, 2021
16 mins 28 sec

Jesus’s resurrection is the fifth episode in an eight-part series entitled “Putting the Fun in…” the fundamentals (or essential doctrines) of Christianity. Four indisputable facts prove the resurrection without any valid arguments against it.

Show Notes:

0:25 – Introduction

1:23 – Resurrection: Jesus came back to life in a glorified physical body, never to die again (1 Cor. 15:1-4).

2:59 – Why is the resurrection important?

3:10 – 1. Proves Jesus is God.

3:28 – 2. God accepted Christ’s death as a sin offering.

3:38 – 3. It promises future resurrections for all Christians (Rom. 6:4–5)

4:20 – Historical evidence: Four indisputable facts prove the resurrection.

4:30 – 1. Jesus lived and died.

5:00 – 2. Transformed disciples preached in Jerusalem. The only explanation is that they had seen the risen Jesus.

6:00 – 3. Jewish leaders could not disprove the disciple’s message (Acts 4:1-22).

6:35 – 4. The disciples died for their belief (Acts 7:57–60)!

7:18 – “You could die for something false… but you’re not gonna die for something you know is false.”

7:56 – Five arguments against the resurrection

8:56 – 1. First, the disciples did not go to the wrong tomb. Opponents could go to the right tomb and produce Jesus’s dead body.

9:21 – 2. Second, the disciples did not steal Christ’s body (Matt. 28:13) and then die for what they knew was a lie.

10:45 – 3. Third, Jesus did not pass out! This idea is inconsistent with Roman flogging, crucifixion, and spear wound into his side (John 19:32–34).

11:31 – 4. Fourth, mass hallucinations are impossible. Jesus appeared to more than 500 witnesses at one time (1 Cor. 15:6)

12:16 – 5. Fifth, the resurrection cannot be a myth. Myths take more than two generations and geographical isolation. Neither is applicable here.

14:07 – So what? The resurrection is worth praising God for (1 Pet. 1:3-4)!

15:03 – Use this information to talk with others.

15:51 – Wrap up

Habermas, G. R. (1996). The historical Jesus: ancient evidence for the life of Christ (ch. 7). Joplin, MO: College Press Publishing Company.

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