“Every Knee Shall Bow:” 3 Contexts With 1 Meaning

If you are a Christian, you should be living your life with eternity in view every moment.

“Every knee shall bow” is a phrase found three times in the Bible. Firstly, in Isaiah 45:23 Secondly, in Romans 14:11 Thirdly, in Philippians 2:10   But what does it mean? Well, “every knee shall bow” is an idiom for reverentially kneeling before Jesus as the one true God. When does this happen? When Jesus returns […]

9 Reasons the Christmas Story & Virgin Conception are True

3 proofs for virgin conception and christmas story

The Christmas story is one of the most phenomenal stories in history! And there is good news. The visits from angels, a guiding star, and the virgin conception are all true! Commonly referred to as the “virgin birth,” the story of Jesus coming to earth is perhaps more accurately termed the “virgin conception.” And it […]

6 Facts About “Haughty Eyes”

Quote: When the Bible says someone has haughty eyes, it means that they consider themselves above others and ultimately above God

What in the world are “haughty eyes?!” We may be familiar with other descriptions for eyes. For example, eyes can be bright, blue, brown, beady, blinking, brooding, or bloodshot. There are also Biblical references, including “an evil eye” (Matt. 20:15), “wanton eyes” (Isa. 3:16), and “the lust of the eyes” (1 John 2:16).  But “haughty […]

9 Things You Don’t Know About the Shekinah Glory!

"Shekinah" describes the localized presence of an omnipresent God.

I.   What’s the Definition of Shekinah Glory? What is “Shekinah glory?” The word “shekinah” is not in the Bible. So, why is it so important?  Before we dive into understanding shekinah glory, we need some basic information about God.    1.   Understanding God’s Immanence & Transcendence Have you ever wondered what God looks like or […]

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