Are You Feeling Empty? 3 Ways Worship Songs Help Us

That afternoon, I sat at the kitchen table and wept. In a season where everything in my life had changed in a short amount of time, I felt broken. The Enneagram 2 in me had been fighting a growing helplessness for a long time: in all the time I’d spent trying to take care of […]

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity

5 Truths for Understanding the Trinity One God exists as 3 distinct persons Trinity is Apprehended, not Comprehended Scripture Proves the Trinity An Analogy proves the Trinity is NOT Contradictory Christianity is Based on Understanding the Trinity

Understanding the Trinity can be challenging and confusing. Why? Because our triune God is eternal and infinite, and we are finite. How can we ever hope to completely understand the Trinity? We can’t. The Trinity is a mystery, meaning we only know about it because it is revealed in the Bible. And while we can […]

Twelve Undeniable Facts that Prove the Resurrection

12 Facts that Prove the Resurrection Jesus Died by Crucifixion Jesus was Buried in a Tomb Disciples Despaired & felt hopeless Tomb was Empty a Few Days Later Disciples Believed They Experienced Literal Appearances of the Risen Jesus Disciples were transformed Jesus' Resurrection was the Center of Their Message Disciples Proclaimed the Resurrection in Jerusalem where Jesus was Killed As s Result of Their Preaching, the Church was Born & Grew Sunday Became the Primary Day of Worship James, the Skeptical Half-brother of Jesus Converted The Skeptic Paul Converted

I.   What is the Resurrection? The resurrection of Jesus is the most crucial moment in history. So why do so many people think that it didn’t happen? Here are twelve undeniable facts that prove the resurrection. The resurrection is Jesus’s return from the dead. He appeared in his physical, scarred, and glorified body, never […]

Demolishing Arguments Against the Resurrection

Arguments against Resurrection Refuted Can’t Harmonize Resurrection Accounts with the Gospels. Disciples Went to the Wrong Tomb Disciples Stole the Body Jews or Romans Stole the Body The Swoon Theory The Hallucination Theory Jesus Resurrected Spiritually The Resurrection was a Myth Post death appearances were not Jesus.

There have been arguments against the resurrection since it occurred. However, none of them have any merit. Every one of them has been demolished. And that is important. Because believing in the resurrection is the most critical decision you will ever make. Why?  Because Jesus’ resurrection shows that he is everything he said he was. […]

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